An exploratory journey…

What happens when a group of like-minded “older” women come together to explore living options – to address their shared dreams, preferences, economic realities, and concerns? Well, we’re finding out! And we’ll be sharing the adventure here! We’ll be documenting our journey, posing questions, sharing ideas and information as we figure out what a shared living model might offer us in later life. The retirement home on the corner doesn’t interest us, and the price tag on that new condo development downtown makes us gasp. We dream of having space for a garden, not having to manage stairs, and being part of a community – knowing our neighbours, sharing, supporting each other, being social – these things are important to us. And yet, the real estate market in our area has little to offer – one-floor plans are rare (and often include basement space we don’t want and won’t use) and high-rise buildings either don’t have outdoor space or limit it to miniscule balconies fraught with rules and restrictions. What can we create that suits our needs? What are the alternatives for retirement living that allow us to remain part of a community but not stuck with traditional restrictions (is there life beyond potted plants and granny suites)? Can we create a home space that inspires, empowers, supports, and nurtures? Can fun-loving feminists “of a certain age” create a blueprint for shared living that honours independence, encourages community, and makes solid economic sense in meaningful ways? We intend to find out.

We’re based in the Hamilton, Ontario area, but this process of exploration will be of interest to others asking similar questions and contemplating shared living options of their own. This is an organic exercise, shifting and evolving as we learn together.

Follow us for updates, and watch this space for new posts. We welcome the curious and we encourage feedback and input.

Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength (Betty Friedan)

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